The Real Estate Investor's How-To Guide

This guide was written in response to many members of the Madison REIA wanting to get some basic information about how to get started in real estate investing.  We've compiled 8 units that give you a framework and an understanding, with a fair amount of real detail, of what you need to do to get started doing this stuff.

Please note that these units were originally sent out as emails and, as such, do not go into the extreme detail that you would expect from a full-blown course.  The material is based on the Madison REIA's muti-week Course entitled The REI Blueprint Series: Rehabs to Rentals, A to Z.  This course is offered online for 24x7 training and then in a 3-hour per week course for 7 weeks.

We take a Saturday to do feet-on-the-street site visits with the whole class to put what we've learned into practice, and the live series is updated and presented twice per year.  It is these sessions that are recorded and used for the online training, so that material is always fresh.

We also want to stress that it has been our experience that very few individuals are able to make a go at this profession just from education alone.  Just about every person that we know that has been successful in real estate investing has enlisted a mentor or a coach to help avoid the pitfalls and see the opportunities.  With all of that said, click on a link below to read each installment.

Click Here to Check Out The Madison REI Blueprint Series