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2020 Fall Class

October 6, 13, 20, 27
November 3, 10, 17

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You could be part of an elite group of Madison area people.  But there are restrictions to joining this "club" and not everyone makes it.  In fact, most people do NOT make it, and here's why:  People consider real estate investing to be a get-rich-quick scheme that anyone can do.  Once they find out it's a REAL profession and requires REAL work, they bail.  On to the next GRQ scheme, and there's plenty of them.

Then there are those few.  They come from ALL walks of life and have been trained in all manner of professions.  Some are doctors, some are lawyers, some are nurses, some are engineers; some are teachers, some are electricians, and some are recently retired.  Regardless of their training, they all have one thing in common - a passion for freedoms: financial freedom, time freedom, personal freedom; freedom from manipulation by others, and freedom from dread, doubt, disquiet, and sorrow.

It's not that they necessarily dislike their profession, either.  Many remain doing what they do, sometimes at a lesser level, supplementing their life with real estate investing; at varying levels of involvement.  They simply want a choice; the ability to choose the when, the where, and the how.  And there are those who wean completely off of their profession, recognizing that their job requires a massive time commitment, is unfulfilling, has lots of rules, regulations, boards, bosses and can evaporate in an instant.

You CAN Have It All

Imagine a world where you work hard for 15-20 hours per week, vacation once a month, and your income keeps growing.  You've heard that you can't have your cake and eat it too but, guess what - you can.  Welcome to real estate investing.  It's a profession that gives you tremendous creative expression if you're right for it.

How To Know If It's Right

You never really know until you actually do it for awhile.  And we've been in the business long enough to know what to look for, and we can predict - with pretty high accuracy - who's going to make it and who's not.  You don't "sort-of" do this stuff, either.  There are always surprises lurking and it takes something to respond to those challenges.

Local REI Training

In the end, real estate investor training that is focused on local market conditions, local private lenders, local contractors, local real estate agents - in summary, local knowledge about this business, is what makes the difference between success and struggle.

Madison REIA Blueprint

This is Madison REIA's premier training system called The REI Blueprint Series.  It took over four years to develop this system, and it successfully speaks to...

  • People interested in the practice of real estate investing.  Many have seen shows on HGTV and DIY and find the process of fix and flip intriguing and attractive
  • Folks with a good job who are interested in securing additional passive income that's not dependent on them trading their time for dollars
  • Experienced real estate investors that want to sharpen their skills or learn about a new discipline.  We have dozens of continuous students in this program
  • People who want to hear from local investors and coaches about the Madison-area real estate market, and the special considerations for working around here

Why Does It Exist?

The big question that The REI Blueprint Series addresses is "should I be a real estate investor?"  After watching enough HGTV, people feel as if they can just go out and do this stuff with minimal training.  No, it does not work like that.  It may be cliché to say so but, really, the devil is in the details on this one.  Like any other profession, it takes training, mentoring, and practice.

Unlike most other professions, in real estate investing, you are building your own dream - not someone else's.  This is actually the most attractive aspect of real estate investing.  Beyond that profound statement and, at a very high level, here are a few more things that we address...

  • The mindset necessary to be an entrepreneurial real estate investor
  • How to do a rehab (fix and flip) from finding a property to selling it
  • How to wholesale properties (flip) for fast income
  • How to do a buy-and-hold (rental) transaction for passive income

How Does It Work?

We run two (2) live 8-week classroom workshops each year, plus live all-day property tours.  Each classroom is recorded on video and put on this website in the members area, along with downloadable documents, including the classroom PowerPoint and all the legal and worksheet documents used in each session.  In summary, here's what you get:

  • 8-week, 3-hour live classroom workshops held twice a year at the Madison REIA
  • All-day live property tours to gain practical in-the-field experience
  • All PowerPoint slides for each session are available for download
  • All legal documents and reference materials are available for download
  • Three industry-standard books: The Millionaire Real Estate Investor, Flip, and Hold

When Is It Available?

All of the classroom videos, PowerPoint slides, legal documents, and reference materials are up online right now on this website in the membership area.  Live classrooms are held twice per year and live property tours are held four times per year to re-record and update all of the content on the website.  Once you're in the program, you're in it as long as you are a REIA member, attending all classes and with 100% complete online access to the videos and materials.

Classrooms are Wednesday evenings from 5:30-8:30 P.M. at our training center in Fitchburg.  Live property tours are on Saturdays for much of the day, where we will visit 4 to 6 properties.

Dates are subject to change and will be updated in the calendar on the main REIA Website Join at any time - even if you've missed live classes, everything is online and you can watch any classroom you miss.

Property Tours

Printable Site Waiver and Release


  • Doors open at 8am. Be sure to arrive before 8:30 as class will start at 8:30 on the dot.
  • We will provide nuisance masks; bring your own if you want or need something more substantial.
  • Wear work clothes; long pants, long-sleeved shirt, gloves, and closed-toe shoes. Steel-toed shoes are best.
  • Wear safety glasses – yellow lenses are best for clarity.
  • Bring a flashlight or use a smartphone flashlight app.
  • Bring a calculator or use your smartphone app.
  • Bring a clipboard (preferred) or other writing surface to work the rehab repair estimate worksheet.
  • Bring a notepad for your own personal notes.

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Fall Property Tour
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