The Madison Real Estate Investors Association was founded in August of 2012 by Chris Hake.  It is an association of like-minded individuals looking for ways to enhance their financial position through investment of time, money, or effort into real estate.  The REIA provides a vehicle for Networking, Education, and pursuit of a better Life by combining and amplifying the collective knowledge, resources, and experience of its members.  Our primary focus is the ethical and professional development of our members, through the pillars of Networking and Education.

Here are the folks at the helm...


Chris is the President, Visionary and Investor Coach of Madison REIA, with well over 20 years of residential real estate investing experience.  He has seen (and smelled) more distressed properties and burned through more masks and hazmat suits than he cares to admit.  He now plies that knowledge in the mentoring and education of the REIA coaching students that are actively engaged in rehabbing, wholesaling, and holding of properties all over South Central Wisconsin.


Richele is the CEO, or more specifically the Integrator*, of Madison REIA. With over 20 years related management experience, she is responsible for translating Chris's visions into actions. Together, their goal is for Madison REIA to be the "go to" real estate organization for staying current with developing market trends, business development and networking. If you have questions about the REIA, Richele is your first (and usually) last stop.



The Madison REIA was founded on the three pillars of Networking, Education, and Life.  Here's what that means to us...


The Networking Pillar of the Madison REIA supports our association with investors, vendors, and trades.  This is a contact sport, and without contacts there is no sport.  It's through relationships that we find what we need and do what we do.


The Education Pillar of the Madison REIA supports the training and education of our members.  Through national speakers, classes, workshops, and coaching, we help ensure the professional and ethical development of all who participate.


The Life Pillar of the Madison REIA supports and acknowledges that we do what we do for family and the enjoyment of life.  Our endeavors and achievements are all focused on creating wealth to support that "big why".


People come from all walks of life to participate in the Madison REIA.  Our ranks include people whose primary occupation is not real estate.  There are doctors, engineers, machinists, I.T. professionals, auto mechanics, lawyers, secretaries, state employees, and other professions represented; people who are looking to create financial wealth and independence through real estate.

What do you want to do?  You can come and watch the proceedings, but tuning in HGTV may be more convenient.  Or you can network and talk with others about what they are doing to find out what it's about.  You can join our renown Real Estate Investor Blueprint or participate in classes or workshops to learn what to do and to find out if it's something you want to take on.  If you're someone already working inside of real estate investing, you can take your business to the next level inside of the REI Blueprint, and serious investors can benefit from The Coaching Program if you want to start your investing business or enhance what you're doing.


Fulfilling on the networking pillar, we hold regularly-scheduled open meetings each month that anyone can attend, and closed meetings for individuals registered into a particular discipline.

Open Meetings (Doors Open at 5:30 PM, Start at 6:00 PM)

2nd Monday: The General Session is our main monthly meeting with 60-80 members in attendance.  The meeting follows a regular format and features a Monday Night Insight speaker with local insights, and our main Spotlight speaker, who is often someone on the national circuit.

4th Monday: The Property Management Group.  A round-table meeting, this group engages with informal conversation and Q & A about property management, landlording, and buy-and-hold properties.  As many people look to picking up rental properties for their investing portfolio, the topics and speakers at this meeting can be invaluable.

Closed Meetings (Various Meeting Times)

2nd and 4th Mondays (3:00 PM): The Coaching Mastermind.  Student members of the Madison REIA Coaching System meet twice a month to mastermind on their investment projects, to hear specialized topics, and to get specific training on real estate investing.  It's a time to share experiences and ask questions about moving forward.

3rd Wednesday (7:00 AM): The M.A.I.B.  The Madison Advanced Investors Breakfast hosts top investors from the Madison REIA that gather to mastermind and talk about current topics relating to the state of the industry and real estate investing in South Central Wisconsin.  We don't solve all the world's problems, but a good percentage of them.

3rd Wednesday (11:30 AM): The M.A.I.L.  Madison Aspiring Investors Luncheon is a small-group gathering of highly-motivated individuals that come together to talk about getting started in real estate investing.  Some have already stepped off the curb, others are still waiting for an opening.  All come away a little smarter.

Other Meetings (Various dates and times)

We hold various workshops and meetings for our members and guests throughout the year.


In support of the education pillar, we offer low-cost, high-value training programs that do what national gurus promise but can't deliver - we train local real estate investors where we live and work.

Build Your Own Dream

Get trained by people actually doing what you want to learn to do.  Talking heads at the fly-in guru shows try to impress using their boss'es TV shows on HGTV; essentially infomercials paid for by the celebrities that know nothing about Wisconsin.

Many folks are cajoled into paying tens of thousands of dollars for so-called "boot camps" by excitement and high-pressure sales.  It's easy to fall victim to these tactics, especially when there's a strong desire to begin doing this work.  But this builds their dream, not yours.

Our Training Classes

The Madison REI Blueprint is our flagship training program.  Four years in the making, this 8-week training workshop covers the gamut of real estate investing, from rehabs to rentals.

The Blueprint is an online, always-available training series that you can access 24/7/365.  Twice per year, we hold live classroom sessions to re-record the classroom videos with students in the audience.  Included are four (4) full-day working property tours where you get a chance to participate and estimate costs.

The Investor Coaching System is an invitation-only, mentor-based coaching program that trains individuals one-on-one and in group mastermind sessions to take on the key disciplines of real estate investing; rehabs, wholesales, and but-and-holds.

The program features an earn-back incentive where your program entry fee is 100% refundable just by doing what you're being trained to do.  Your REIA membership and discounts to REIA events are all included inside of the Coaching System.

The key aspects to this program are direct access to the coaches and heightened accountability that others do not have; aspects that can make all the difference.

Coaching System students are also able to access Private Lenders for their projects, a library of documents and legal forms, and a private website to support the mission of the Coaching System.

www.MadisonREIA.com  (Madison Real Estate Investors Association) does not give legal, tax, economic, or investment advice. MadisonREIA disclaims all liability for the action or inaction taken or not taken as a result of communications from or to its members, officers, directors, employees and contractors. Each person should consult their own counsel, accountant and other advisors as to legal, tax, economic, investment, and related matters concerning Real Estate and other investments.   

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