Ebb And Flow



The Ebb and Flow

It’s an interesting phenomenon, the ebb and flow of membership at the Madison REIA.  Turns out, it tracks closely with most REIAs across the country, but it does not track at all with most professional networking associations.  I wanted to understand this curiosity a little better, so I took a closer look.

First, let’s define what this ebb and flow is all about.  Through social media, search engine queries, and referrals from individuals and organizations, people find their local REIA.  The individual referrals are the best because they are person-to-person and all about explaining value received by one person explaining it to another.  It’s like seeing a great movie – you share it with people.

But those organizational referrals can be a double-edged sword, especially if the referrer is a “fly-in guru” that has come to Madison, talked people into parting with their money for a “boot camp” or personal coaching, and then admonishes them to go “find your local REIA” on the premise that this is where you will really learn what this stuff is all about and interact with like-minded people.

While the latter points are entirely true, the problem is that it’s the guru laying claim to having discovered this awesome resource just for you and, consequently, you now deserve to “step up” to a more advanced coaching program where you’ll really get the juice.  But that juice is expensive, as you may already know.

With all these sources funneling into the REIA, a few people will look closely at the value that they might get from being a part of the association, and they sign up as members. This is the flow of membership increases.

The ebb of attrition nearly matches the flow of increases and it’s a real head-scratcher at times; hence my interest in what’s going on.  You would think that once someone got involved with the REIA, they would continually advance their relationships and grow their interests.  But this is not what happens.

It’s regrettable that the world of media has people believing that real estate investing in its many forms is a glam-job requiring only 4 hours of work each week with massive free time.  Rarely does any endeavor worth doing show up this way.  Nor should it.  When you have a passion for something, you should wake up each morning excited for the day and all the things that you will set out to do.

When people don’t see the path to untold wealth and limitless freedoms paved in a smooth, slick surface, they assume that ANY wealth or freedom is out of their reach.  Nothing could be further from the truth; the path is surely there, it’s just not paved so smoothly.

For those that decide to roll up their sleeves, get the training, then do the work, well, those are the people that realize wealth and freedoms.  But they DO the work to achieve that goal.  These are the same people that understand the value of associating with others, resourcing colleagues, and finding a way to be accountable to someone else; a mentor or a coach.

Sure, you can GET that training at the REIA, and we think that we have darn good programs and resources to support that education.  But you can get that education in a lot of places.  What your REIA offers so much better than anything else is LOCAL access to people, services, and accountability.  You can’t get those things with online training programs or gurus from California.

That’s the story.  Many, many people are misinformed about this industry and never take advantage of the primary offerings of the REIA.  And when the rehab fairy fails to materialize and drop a distressed property in their lap, they just fade away and dispense blame.  “Do or do not – there is no try”, a wise old man once said.  Take advantage of your association for its offerings that cannot be duplicated.



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