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Real Estate is a relationship business.  Whether its retail sales or investing with rehabs, flips, wholesales, or rentals, your success depends on you connecting with others.  It's not what you know...

That’s where we come in.  We provide the who for your business.  The REIA puts you in direct contact with people like yourself; doing what you're doing, and who can provide services you need.



When we think about successful people, athletes often come to mind first; maybe they’re one of the most visible forms of success that we relate to.  And they're not the only success stories out there.

In business many great leaders and great innovators like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Sergey Brin, Gary Keller come to mind. What do all of these people have in common?  They all have a coach.



At the Madison REIA, we stand on the 3 pillars of Networking, Education, and Life.  We believe that Networking is not only about making a connection that serves you, it's also about learning how to network to make a difference for a relationship.  The doing is how you learn to play in this game.

Education is key to undertaking any profession.  It is said that action without knowledge is dangerous, and knowledge without action is useless.  We take education that extra hand-holding step of working with you on your deals, and offering in-depth one-on-one coaching programs.

We believe that your Life should be lived to its fullest.  When a lack of money and a job you hate are all you can think about, you can't live.  We align with the Lifeonaire concept that shows you, in phases, how to achieve a life that you love.

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  NETWORKING  with like-minded professionals opens doors that you may not have thought possible; or doors that you did not know even existed.   EDUCATION  is an essential tenet of the Madison REIA. We believe that your success is directly related to your knowledge and the effective use of that knowledge.   Living LIFE  to the fullest is one of the key aims of the REIA. Life success includes a great income and a family or friends to share in a life that is fulfilling and inclusive.